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Christala's Walk  (2018)  Excerpt
as part of Made of Walking, Akamas, Cyprus

more work from the residency can be found here

Below "Tracey and Alice - 2 places"

Letter Film (2017) excerpt - 12m13

Letter Film addresses a man that I met in the highlands, who, for a 2 mile walk, told me a bit about who he was and what he did, his interests as well as a description of the place, Delphi.  

I went to Delphi some months later.
Put simply, this film is an acknowledgement and thanks to the man I walked with.
Performace documentation, 2016

Extrasensory Festival 

9 - 11. to 9.16 

Tree's in C, Alison McGillivray's Feet and Will at the Cathedral 2016 - three films made by Jen Martin for a collaboative performace work during ‘Extrasensory: Music’ -  a music festival based in Glasgow. Artists, makers and entrepreneurs of contrasting practices work alongside musicians to curate heightened-sensory performance experiences.


Trees in C (2016) HD 2:26
Jen Martin
with Lute accompaniment by Alex McCartney


Fragments of Gaza  - Fragment 1  (2015/16) 

This documentary series bridges two main themes; firstly, we explore the role of the mainstream and social media in telling the story of Palestine, and secondly, we attempt to transcend the siege through media education and film.

Fragments of Gaza features footage from young filmmakers living in Gaza who are telling stories of their lives through film, together with clips and videos found on social media compiled to establish the history of the region.

The film aims to challenge the negative portrayal of Gaza offered by the mainstream media – a portrayal that threatens to dehumanise the people of Gaza by associating them with connotations of only decontextualized destruction and despair. In order to challenge that impression, we must fight for alternative narratives of life, perseverance, humanity and hope from Gaza to be heard worldwide. This film sets outs to give agency to the young residents of Gaza, moving away from a public narrative of victimhood and terrorism, without negating the real oppression of their everyday lives.

n.b Fragments of Gaza is no longer online due to the current situation in Gaza, Palestine.

"If there was no war, and no occupation in Palestine, what would our films and documentaries be about? "

                                                       - A.M

Detention Without Walls (2015)

Detention Without Walls is a self-portrait of people caught in the cracks, between borders, without status. Made from interviews, poems, photos and material collected through a participatory research project, the film follows the moving story from immigration detention to life after detention, described as 'Detention Without Walls'. Abandoned at train stations, separated from family and friends, unable to work or travel, fearful of return but determined to stay in the UK, the film explores how ideas of crime, citizenship and community combine in ways that multiply rather than remove the differences between us.


Fior Di Latte (2016)
24.4.2016, VERBureau at Glasgow International 2016: Pokey Hat

The Pokey Hat project charts elements of social history spanning immigration, queer culture, community and urban development through the history of the Italian ice cream cafés that first appeared throughout Glasgow from the 1880s to the 1930s.

As part of this project a film by Jen Martin was commissioned by artist Carrie Gooch to make a film about Ginesi's Ice Cream at Queens Park Cafe. http://verbureau.co.uk/

You're Leading Me On (2014)

You're Leading Me On, Excerpt, 2014

Filmed around Laurieston, this piece takes cues from observed visual rhymes to arrange itself. The audio is an early scripting for musical response, the visual offers itself to be completed.

Inspired by Geoffrey Jones’s ‘Snow’ research documentary.
Exhibition view, You're leading me on, SO IT IS, Laurieston Arches
"In November 2014, YAKA Collective,  SO IT IS, a group exhibition featuring 30 artists who graduated between 2010 – 2014. The show was spread across four venues in Glasgow: The Briggait, Laurieston Arches, Caledonia Road Church and Laurieston Arena. During the exhibition’s two-week run, the show brought together artists working across a wide range of media. This included sculptural installations, performances, workshops and events.

SO IT IS was produced in association with Wasps Studios and WAVEparticle. While the Briggait is well known as a space for the siting of artworks, the other venues are not yet recognised in the same way. By facilitating a dialogue between these different sites, the show aimed to highlight the potential that they all have as creative spaces."

Paddlers for Life (2012)
Paddlers for Life was screened at Hidden Features - HERE + NOW - Edinburgh at the Biscuit Factory, August 2016.

The Port Edgar Dragons are a dragon boating group based in North Queensferry. It is a non competitive boating club for women with breast cancer, their friends and family.